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Given that we’ve got your attention, there’s no denying that after it comes down to everyone’s favorite three-letter word, many of us invest a fairly hefty length of time thinking about this, searching for it away, and—of course—doing it. Nonetheless, we additionally appear to invest a great deal of the time speaking about it, as evidenced by the below sex quotes from an extremely diverse of set of individuals.

Keep reading for 75 witty, poignant, and just plain famous intercourse quotes from writers, performers, actors, comedians, and much more.

Times ‘Sex additionally the City’ ended up being Actually a Primer in Women’s wellness

1. “I believe I have labeled an intercourse comic just because I’m a lady. Like, a man could get right up here and literally pull their cock out and folks will be like, ‘He’s a thinker. ‘” –Amy Schumer

2. “Everything worldwide is mostly about intercourse except intercourse. Intercourse is all about energy. ” ? Oscar Wilde

3. “Good intercourse is similar to good connection. You’d better have good hand. In the event that you don’t have a very good partner, ” ? Mae western

4. “If you intend to get set, head to university. If you need a scholarly training, go to the library. ” ? Frank Zappa

5. “It’s definitely unfair for females to express that guys just want a very important factor: intercourse. We would also like food. ” ? Jarod Kintz, $3.33

6. “I would like to thank my partner, Blake. Every thing i actually do will be make her laugh, particularly the intercourse! ” ? Ryan Reynolds

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7. “Clinton lied. A person might forget where he parks or where he lives, but he never forgets sex that is oral in spite of how bad it’s. ” ? Barbara Bush

8. “But when a female chooses to rest with a person, there is absolutely no wall she’s going to not measure, no fortress she’s going to maybe maybe not destroy, no moral consideration she will likely not ignore at its really root: there’s absolutely no Jesus worth worrying all about. ” ? Gabriel Garci­a Marquez, appreciate when you look at the Time of Cholera

9. “My first time we jacked down, I was thinking I’d invented it. We looked down within my handful that is sloppy of and thought, ‘This will make me personally rich. ‘” ? Chuck Palahniuk, Choke

10. “i really couldn’t perhaps have intercourse with some body with this type of grasp that is slender sentence structure! ” ? Russell Brand

11. “You realize that look that women have once they wish to have intercourse? Me personally neither. ” ? Steve Martin

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12. “Sex is often about feelings. Good intercourse is approximately free feelings; bad intercourse is all about obstructed emotions. ” ? Deepak Chopra

13. “My mother said that life is not always about pleasing your self and that often you should do things when it comes to single advantageous asset of another individual. We totally consented together with her, but reminded her that that was exactly what blow jobs had been for. ” ? Chelsea Handler

14. “We have actually explanation to think that guy very very very first stepped upright to free their arms for masturbation. ” ? Lily Tomlin

15. “Dancing is really a perpendicular phrase of the horizontal desire. ” ? George Bernard Shaw

16. “Sex at age 90 is similar to wanting to shoot pool with a rope. ” ? George Burns

17. “How did intercourse turned out to be looked at as real couple having sex dirty when you look at the first place? Jesus need been a Republican. ” ? Will Durst, governmental satirist

18. “Sex is an integral part of nature. I go with nature. ” ? Marilyn Monroe

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19. “from the the 1st time I experienced sex—I kept the receipt. ” ? Groucho Marx

20. “To me personally, intercourse is energy. It’s empowering whenever you get it done as you might like to do it. ” –Rihanna

21. “The only abnormal intercourse work is whatever you cannot perform. ” ? Alfred Kinsey, biologist

22. “Sex is very good and soon you die, however it’s much less great as it had been whenever you had been a youngster, with regards to had been a secret. ” ?David Duchovny

23. “I come up with intercourse because often it feels as though probably the most important things in the planet. ” ?Jeanette Winterston

24. “You can’t talk about fucking in the usa, people state you’re dirty. However if you talk about killing somebody, that’s cool. ” ? Richard Pryor

25. “Women require a explanation to own intercourse. Guys simply need spot. ” ? Billy Crystal

26. “I understand a guy whom quit smoking cigarettes, consuming, intercourse, and rich meals. He had been right that is healthy into the time he killed himself. ” ? Johnny Carson

27. “I blame my mom for my bad intercourse life. All I ended up being told by her was ‘The guy continues on top together with girl underneath. ’ For 36 months my spouce and I slept in bunkbeds. ” ? Joan Streams

28. “Sex without love is just healthier workout. ” ? Robert A. Heinlein, author

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29. “i would like more sex, OK? Before we die we wanna taste everybody in the globe. ” ? Angelina Jolie

30. “People ask me personally a great deal about my drive. I believe it comes down from, like, having an intimate addiction at a actually early age. Consider the drive that individuals really need to get sex—to dress similar to this and obtain a haircut and become into the club when you look at the freezing cold at 3 a.m., the places they’re going to choose a girl up. When you can concentrate the power into one thing valuable, place that into work ethic. ” –Kanye West

31. “Remember, intercourse is much like a dinner that is chinese. It ain’t over ’til you both get the cookie. ” ? Alec Baldwin

32. “Love is a frozen dessert sundae, with all the current marvelous coverings. Intercourse may be the cherry at the top. ” ? Jimmy Dean

33. “Sex may be the driving force on our planet. We have to embrace it, maybe perhaps not notice it since the enemy. ” ? Hugh Hefner

34. “Sex is the best high. It’s much better than any medication. I do want to die love that is making it seems so excellent. ” ? Bai Ling

35. “I thank Jesus I became raised Catholic, so sex can be dirty. ” ? John Waters

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36. “Sex is similar to cash: just excessively will do. ” ? John Updike, novelist

37. “You can’t have rock ‘n’ roll without drugs. You can’t have stone ‘n’ roll without sex. ” ? Rick James

38. “I have actually tried intercourse with both women and men. We discovered I liked it. ” ? Dusty Springfield

39. “Sex: in the usa an obsession. A fact. In other areas of the entire world” ? Marlene Dietrich

40. “Simulation of intercourse is just a workout that is real. We ought to did one hundred provides. There is an air tank at one point. ” –Emma Stone

41. “I’m sure absolutely nothing about intercourse, because I became constantly married. ” ? Zsa Zsa Gabour

42. “Literature—creative literature—unconcerned with sex, is inconceivable. ” ? Gertrude Stein

43. “i would like intercourse for the clear skin, but I’d rather do so for love. ” ? Joan Crawford

44. “Kissing—and we suggest like, yummy, smacking kissing—is the most delicious, many gorgeous and thing that is passionate two different people may do, club none. Much better than intercourse, fingers down. ” ? Drew Barrymore

45. “Sex is a thing that is bad it rumples the garments. ” ? Jackie Kennedy

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46. “This could be the means we have a look at intercourse scenes: We have essentially been doing them for a full time income for many years. Attempting to seduce an market could be the foundation of stone ‘n’ roll, and at it. If i might state therefore, I’m very good” ? Jon Bon Jovi

47. “There’s no faith but intercourse and music. ” ? Sting

48. “Sex is rarely almost sex. ” ? Shirley MacLaine

49. “Maybe our generation is much more about intercourse, however it is like love is dying out. ” ? Orlando Bloom

50. “Every woman that has dated a soccer player, each of them have intercourse exactly the same way. ” ? Kim Kardashian

51. “John and I also possessed a date that is double and now we had been joking around, and I also go, ‘John’s never seen my butthole. ’ And John states, ‘Are you joking? Each time anyone does such a thing style that is doggy the thing is a butthole. We notice it every right time. ’ I happened to be like, ‘We should never be carrying it out doggy design once again. ’” ? Chrissy Teigen

52. “To succeed using the opposite gender, inform her impotent that is you’re. She can’t wait to disprove it. ” ? Cary Grant

53. “We’re warriors, this tradition, and we’re extremely puritanical about intercourse and incredibly adopting about violence, and I also don’t understand why that is. ” ? Mark Ruffalo

54. “I have sex a number of times per week, and I also make the Viagra whenever I’m going become love that is making. I would personally say at 84 it can help. It’s God’s little helper. ” ? Hugh Hefner

55. “I do think of exactly just just how many individuals have had intercourse to my music. And exactly how babies that are many been built to ‘Jealous. ’ It’s got a great tempo for sex. ” ? Nick Jonas




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