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Almost all of the chemical symbols for elements within the regular dining table make sense; you can find a tiny selection, nonetheless, that seem to bear no reference to their element??™s title. A few days ago, questions about these elements came up, so here??™s a look at their confusing symbols, along with the reasons behind them after the periodic table of rejected element names.

Sodium ??“ Natrium (Na)

Sodium??™s Latin name, ???natrium??™, derives through the Greek ???n?­tron??™ (a true title for salt carbonate). Its initial supply is going to be the Arabic work ???natrun??™. Lots of contemporary languages nevertheless call the element natrium in the place of sodium, plus it??™s this title that its symbol that is chemical, originates from.

Potassium ??“ Kalium (K)

???Kalium??™ is potassium??™s Latin name, and derives from the Arabic ???al qal ?« y??™, meaning ???calcined ashes??? (the ashes remaining whenever plant product is burned). A number of modern languages still refer to potassium as kalium, and the name lends the element its chemical symbol, K as with sodium.

Iron ??“ Ferrum (Fe)

Iron??™s Latin title, ???ferrum??™, offers it its expression Fe; it simply means ???iron??™ or ???sword??™, and straight guy spy it is possibly of Semitic origin. The element is well known by an array of different names in various languages, with a few sources suggesting there are over 200 different names for it. There??™s an inventory of 213 of those right right here.

Copper ??“ Cuprum (Cu)

There??™s no shortage of elements called after places, but copper??™s title is much more subdued than many. Copper??™s Latin title had been ???cyprium??™, which it self originates from ???kypros??™, the Greek title for Cyprus. The area of Cyprus ended up being centuries that are famous because of its copper reserves. The title ended up being ultimately simplified to ???cuprum??™, and also this sooner or later morphed to the English variation, copper.

Silver ??“ Argentum (Ag)

The Latin title for silver, ???argentum??™, is thought to derive initially from a language that is indo-european most most most most likely referring to your metal??™s shininess. The united states Argentina is termed after silver (albeit indirectly as mention of the R?­o de la Plata) and it is the only nation to be called after a chemical element, as opposed to the other means around.

Tin ??“ Stannum (Sn)

Tin??™s Latin title, ???stannum??™, might be based on the Indo-European ???stag??™ (dripping) because tin melts at a decreased heat. There??™s also speculation maybe it’s produced by the Cornish ???stean??™ because of Cornwall??™s tin that is famous, though likewise, other people claim that this term is simply produced from the Latin.

Antimony ??“ Stibium (Sb)

The Latin ???stibium??™ derives through the Greek word ???st?­bi??™, meaning attention paint, talking about the application of antimony substances being an eye cosmetic that is ancient. This term is in turn likely based on Arabic or Egyptian. Few nations relate to antimony as stibium today, despite its sign.

Tungsten Wolfram that is)

Wolfram ended up being known as following the mineral it absolutely was present in, wolframite. This is certainly from the German ???wolf rahm??™, or ???wolf??™s foam??™, discussing the quantity of tin ???eaten??™ because of the metal during its removal. Wolfram continues to be utilized in a few languages. Tungsten is from Swedish, and means hefty rock ??“ significantly apt, since it??™s the seventh element that is densest into the periodic dining dining dining table.

Silver ??“ Aurum (Au)

The Latin title for gold had been ???aurum??™, meaning ???yellow??™, derived through the word ???aurora??™ (???dawn??™). The name ???gold??™, used in Germanic languages, means ???yellow, shining metal??™; a number of other European languages utilize derivatives of aurum.

Mercury ??“ Hydrargyrum (Hg)

Mercury??™s initial Latin title was actually ???argentum vivum??™ (living silver), but Latin later borrowed through the Greek ???hydrargyros??™ (liquid silver) to provide ???hydrargyrum??™. The English that is original name the element ended up being ???quicksilver??™. Alchemists considered that it is near to silver, and this is why they known as it Mercury, following the planet closest to your Sun. A number of the other metals understood since antiquity received names corresponding to your planets, too, but Mercury??™s is the only person that??™s stuck.

Lead ??“ Plumbum

Lead??™s Latin title, ???plumbum??™, most most likely originally derives from a language pre-dating Ancient Greek. This Latin name normally the origin for the English words that is???plumbing ???plumber??™, because of the historic usage of lead in water pipelines.

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